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Awesome place to stay during any TDY that brings you to Altus. Mike and Skylar do everything they can to make you feel welcome and their houses are awesome!

The Bat Cave proves time and time again why they are one of the most sought-after crashpads to stay at during your TDY in Altus America. This will have been my second stay with them. From the start, Skylar and Mike are on it from prompt customer support to providing an QoL unmatched at all of their locations.

The Bat Cave is the ultimate crash pad in Altus, OK. Weekly cleaning service and great people to room with. Ultimate entertainment space with more amenities than my actual home. Not to mention the ease of billing and customer service from owners Mike and Skylar. 10/10 would recommend.

Best crash pad in Altus. I will definitely be staying there again for anymore training in OK. Both Mike and Skylar take great care of everyone staying in their homes. All the houses are very nice and clean.

There’s no better place to stay than The Bat Cave in Altus! Mike and Skylar make the process seamless and the experience unlike any other TDY. The houses are beautiful and the amenities are unmatched. Definitely stay here when coming to Altus!

It’s more that just a crash pad; the staff goes to a high level of effort and detail to make your stay a great experience. The kitchen ware and cooking utensils are very high end, and the social areas great for both studying and relaxing. The bathrooms are all updated with nice towels. The beds (probably the most important part) sleep incredibly well, and are very comfortable.

Plenty of room in your bedroom.  Room in the kitchen for storing food too with a pretty big refrigerator.  My friends that stayed at different crash pads said this place was better than where they were.

As advertised or better. Communication and service from the owners is always expedient. Would recommend staying in one of their properties.

Awesome house layout for a crash pad! The commercial fridge was a really nice touch. Anything needing to be fixed was immediately addressed by the owners. I saw some other crash pads during my time in Altus and this one was definitely the best.

Best crash pads at Altus hands down. I stayed in Bat Cave III and anything you needed they provided within 24 hours. Their cleaning lady/manager, Crystal, is amazing!  Anyone who says another crash pad is better is jealous they didn't stay at The Bat Cave!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bat Cave IV.  Run by great guys, great customer service and quick communication between the owners and the property manager.  Streamlined check-in and check-out process.  Highly recommend staying here and would look forward to staying here again, 10/10!

Staying at the Bat Caves was easy, streamlined, and extremely luxurious. I stayed at BC IV and it was perfect in every aspect. There was quiet privacy within each residents' bedroom, yet a fun and easygoing social atmosphere in the spacious living room and kitchen. I became great friends with all 5 of my roommates. The property owners were always reachable via text, email, and phone at a moment's notice, and it felt great to know I could count on them for anything from TDY and DTS advice to adding incredible amenities that allowed me to focus better on training. All flyers at Altus know about The Bat Caves because the quality of all the properties and the experience that comes with them is unmatched.

Great place ran by great people. BC IV is top notch and I'll definitely be staying there again when I return to Altus. 10/10 would recommend.

I read other reviews and wasn't sure how much to believe. Well you can pretty much expect the best. Their attention to detail is noticeable, and their availability to fix problems that arise is second to none. You'll always get an answer within an hour, and a fix to the problem as soon as possible. BC IV is where I stayed, and it allowed for a nice group setting to go through training with similar folks, yet still provided opportunity for peace and quiet to do your own thing. An additional plus of the brand new BC IV, is it being located a little north of town. Still less than 10 minutes to get to base/town, but with a nice open field in the back yard, and few neighbors, that only added to the experience.

The Bat Cave has got to be the best crash pad in all of Altus. The owners care of their guests extremely well, and Crystal has got to be one of the kindest people in all of Altus.

Simply the best!  Better than all the rest!  Well furnished home away from home with everything you need, and then some.  Service and communication wins the day, hands down, and that says a lot considering the accommodations are spectacular.  The rare occasion that there was an issue in 5 months, it was addressed immediately.

By far the best place to crash in Altus, highly recommended.

Without a doubt this is the most desired and sought-after place to stay in Altus.  The Bat Cave's are the most well-kept, serviced and accommodating crash pads.  The management/ownership is always easy to get ahold of, and they address issues without delay.  BC III has large rooms, new furnishings, is in excellent shape, and has a common area with which is well set-up for entertaining and cooking.  The BC III master is about the size apartment itself.  Certainly call ahead to get onto the list.  There is no better place to stay in Altus!

I’ve been through Altus five times now, and The Bat Cave by far offers the best experience of any accommodation in town. BC III is very well appointed, offering all the amenities you would find at at home, and then some. NFL Sunday Ticket, BBQ, kegerator, and 72 inch TV made for some fantastic weekends with the bros.  Mike and Skylar were great, fantastic hosts with rapid responses when something needed to be taken care of.  If you’re slated to head to Altus for training, The Bat Cave should be the first item on your TDY checklist.

If you ever wanted to know who is the trendsetter for Crashpads at Altus, this is definitely the one.  The Bat Cave houses are the epitome of luxury crashpads--all for the same price as every other crashpad!  Other than if the houses are full, there is no reason why you should ever consider any other crashpad company.  Seriously.  The two aspects that sets The Bat Cave apart from all others is their 1.) Properties, and 2.) Customer Service.  You cannot beat the quality of their properties!  Each house they own is decked out to the maximum in terms of quality and convenience.  The beds are of the highest quality, there are 55' private TVs in every room, fully supplied kitchen, incredibly relaxing furniture, spacious living spaces, and great interior design.  Each house has plenty of parking for all tenants (an otherwise very common problem), the houses themselves are newer and are maintained very well, all appliances and services are either new or well maintained, and all of the amenities they provide (full Direct TV, high speed internet, Echo Dots, Xbox Ones to name a few) make living and working from home one of the best experiences you can have during training.  These homes are so well maintained and furnished that you could easily see yourself moving into a home like theirs full time.  If you're coming from a UPT dorm or on-base housing, the phrase "night-and-day difference" doesn't even begin to characterize how amazing these homes are!  Equally as impressive is their customer service.  The owners have taken incredible thought, planning, consideration, and no small expense to make sure that everyone who stays in their homes not only enjoys the experience, but remember it for the rest of their careers.  I have seen few companies or people put the amount of care, diligence, and effort into their product as these owners have.  While most Crash Pad companies seem to be more in it for the money, these guys seem to get an insane kick out of just making customers happy and having an amazing service (which all their customers are incredibly grateful for)!  The fact that you get a GIFT BASKET when you arrive sets the tone for everything else they do for you.  The weekly cleaning service is amazing, Crystal actually does deep cleaning every week in every room, organizes, and goes out of her way to make sure the houses look brand new every week.  It's not uncommon to find out that she's done a little something extra to make your room more comfortable and organized.  The owners are so incredibly responsive its scary.  Even though they work full time and deploy, their email and text response is normally *minutes* and at worst maybe a few hours.  They will literally bend over backwards to help their customers out.  We had questions about DTS and other TDY concerns, and they spent hours with us answering questions, making personal phone calls, and sending us emails with documentation, resources, and anything we needed to solve our problems.  We once asked to see if we could get a water cooler for our house and within a week there was an amazingly nice one on our front doorstep!  They also once replaced a broken washing machine within *3 hours* of it being reported broken!  I can't explain all of the amazing things these guys will do for you!  Like I said previously, you will be hard press to find another company or a group of people who put as much work, pride, love, and "service before self" than these guys.  Honestly, this is the best crashpad company you could ever work with.  PERIOD. There are no nicer homes, no better owners, no better service you could ever find in Altus than these guys.  The only reason you should look elsewhere is if you're unfortunate enough to TDY when they're all full, but knowing these guys, they would let you know the very day you could move in and probably help move your stuff too if they were in town.  You honestly don't know how good this place is until you get here, feel your jaw drop, and feel your inner Owen Wilson saying nothing but "Wow!" as you realize how good you have it here.

Pretty much brand new houses, clean and updated living conditions with plenty of room and natural light with a staff that really cares. The best part of The Bat Cave is the customer service. Crystal comes once a week and gives the place a thorough cleaning which keeps the place well maintained. The washer broke while we were there, we e-mailed Mike and Skylar and a replacement showed up 2 hours later. That was faster than I could have gone to the store and got one. Simply amazing. All of our interactions with them were that smooth and quick.

By far the place to stay in Altus OK. Minutes away from Base and any shopping needed in town. High end amenities and services available and owners were very accommodating of any needs you may have. I will be asking to stay with The Bat Caves on future trips to Altus.

Best option for Crash Pads in Altus. Having been to other crash pads around town, this one is far and above the best. The houses are practically new as well as the furnishings and accommodations. The owners are always easily reachable and hospitable.

My experience with Mike, Skylar, and Crystal in BCIII echoes what others have been saying prior.  House and amenities are top notch and Crystal's weekly services ensure a cleanly environment and any maintenance issues are resolved quickly.  Conveniently located in between the base and the town of Altus.  The layout of the house is such that even with 5 total rooms, no one ever feels cramped.  When I come back for more upgrade training The Bat Cave will be my first call.

I really enjoyed my time at the BCI.  It really felt like a home away from home.  The house is furnished with really nice furniture, TVs in every room, a grill and smoker, ping pong, Xbox... I could go on.  Mike and Skylar are always helpful and will get back to you about anything promptly.  11/10

I had never used a crash pad before, but my experience with The Bat Cave was great. The owners are super responsive and the weekly service and maintenance were spot on. If you’ve got to be in Altus, then you’ve got to be in a Bat Cave.

Better than a hotel, it was a home away from home for my time at Altus AFB. Mike and Skylar (landlords) are easy to work with. Crystal, Linda and the rest of the cleaning and maintenance crew are amazing and so friendly. When I have to come back for my next round of training I will use The Bat Cave.

I was in BCII for my time in Altus and it could not have been more of a pleasure.  From the extremely personable landlords to the top of the line shuffle board table, BCII makes you feel like you never left home.  I loved my time staying there and would 1000% recommend to anyone coming down to "vacation" in beautiful Altus.

Thanks Guys!

Exceptional house with quality furnishings.  The Bat Cave was very pleasant to work.  Such an easy commute to base (~5mins) .  A great choice for your time at Altus!

If you were to combine the comforts of home with the ease and convenience of an AirBnB you would get The Bat Caves. In fact, my experience would put the The Bat Caves above home when it comes to amenities & overall experience. Whether it's the poker table sitting next to the cigar/drink bar, or enjoying some NFL on the big screen in the living room after several games of shuffleboard and Xbox - The Bat Caves have it all.

I stayed in the newest house (Bat Cave III) and was blown away by the modern interior that was very open and made a big house seem bigger, even with other roommates. Altus is not a large town by any means, so the list of things-you-can-do-when-bored is fairly limited within the town limits - but The Bat Caves mitigate those 1st world problems with 1st world comforts. Fast internet Wi-Fi, Bluetooth sound bar system (living room), NFL Sunday Ticket, Xbox, outdoor grill, Keurig, list goes on.

I was in the master bedroom - pretty much an apartment within BCIII. Highlight for that in particular was the fact that I had a Jacuzzi bathtub (which I never used) along with a walk-in closet, a standalone shower and toilet topped off with two sinks on a large vanity.

If I came back to Altus, The Bat Caves would be my go-to. Thank you Mike & Skylar for being such great hosts!

The Bat Cave was not only a comfortable house but the owners and manager were very quick to respond to any need/request and were very professional. The house was always clean, is in a great location, and offers everything you could ask for in a crash pad.

A great place to stay for your TDY! Clean, modern, new and well kept. 5 min from base. This place certainty caters to the aircrew way of life. This place is fully loaded with all the amenities. There's a lot of crash pads out there but this is hands down the best!

Hands down the best crash pad you can stay in. During training, it makes a world of difference when you have a quiet house with nice amenities that you can come home to after a long day. The Bat Caves absolutely knock this out of the park and is very close to base so commute is not at all a concern. Mike, Skylar, and Crystal are incredibly helpful and professional, I have never had a single problem getting a quick response from any of them. I would absolutely stay here again.

If you can't tell by the other reviews, this is a great place to stay while at Altus. While at Altus I visited some of the other crash pads in the area and The Bat Caves were by far the best, with newer and better maintained houses, better entertainment, and classy people. Moving anywhere new and having new roommates can be a little daunting if you haven't met the people or personally seen the place. But The Bat Cave's house layouts have more room than I expected and provide privacy and quiet when you want it and great hangouts when you're feeling social. I had some awesome roommates that I'll be in touch with long after my time there, and I never heard of anyone having a bad experience. Housekeepers keep the place clean and theres more than enough space for anything you bring with you. The base accommodations don't even compare. I'd definitely recommend staying here if you can.

There's a waiting list to get into these crash pads for a reason. My stay has been exactly what I was looking for and Mike and Skylar have gone out of their way to accommodate everything that I've needed and then some. Bluetooth speakers for music, well equipped welcoming space after a long day, gaming and unlimited channels on the television, and a nice grill for kicking back on the patio. Hope I can stay here again on my next trip back to Altus!

As already described in other reviews, these are the best TDY crash pads you can imagine. I stayed in Bat Cave II. The owners Mike and Skylar are on the ball with responding to any form of messaging within hours, regardless of their location in the globe. They were incredibly accommodating with any kinds of questions or needs. They will help anybody that has questions, whether it is about operational life in the Air Force, or if it's something dealing with the crash pad. The entertainment in the house is top notch. There is a poker table with eight seats, and that is perfect for hosting friends while TDY. Additionally, there's a 12 ft shuffle board and giant TV in the living room with plenty of couch space. As you read through other reviews, you'll see why these guys always have a 5 star rating.

The Bat Caves are the best to stay at. There are three locations and all of them are fantastic. These guys come highly recommended, and make sure to give them a call or text as soon as you find out you're headed to Altus. They're always booked, and for good reason!

I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay for 3 months during PIQ! Any time there was even a small issue, it was taken care of immediately. They are also champs about emailing you back immediately. I stayed in BCI and would recommend it to anyone.

The Bat Cave is without a doubt the best place to stay while you go through upgrades in Altus. They know what it takes to make your stay relaxing and stress free. There were able to have me stay in the same house for 2 back to back upgrades with ease and really saved me from having to go elsewhere, wouldn't want to stay anywhere else. The Bat Caves have it all when it comes to entertainment; every channel you could want on DirecTV, great furnishings, full kitchen, video game consoles and the latest games to beat your roommates in. Highly recommend The Bat Cave and will look forward to staying for my future upgrades. Thanks Mike and Skylar!

Without a doubt the best crash pad in town. Very close to base and an easy drive to town. Plenty of space to lounge around and relax. Owners are quick to get back to you with questions/issues. Huge entertainment area and shuffle board table. Kitchen has everything you could need. Housekeepers are very kind and accommodating. Felt very safe and welcome. Overall a wonderful pad if you can snag it!

The Bat Cave is the best crash pad you can stay at in Altus. I've ventured over to others, while they are all excellent, The Bat Cave takes it to the next level with everything that they have for their guests. The house is absolutely stunning and has every amenity that you could imagine. Not only are the owners awesome people, but if you have any questions about how TDYs work or need advice they will map everything out for you. I had awesome roommates as a bonus that made my stay even more enjoyable. Skylar, Mike and Crystal are outstanding at what they do and definitely care about making your stay the best possible experience while on TDY there. It is truly an at home kind of experience. No stress of worrying about your living situation while on TDY ever again. I would recommend hands down and have to others multiple times. I look forward to staying at Bat Cave again on my next visit to Altus.

I stayed in Bat Cave III from October 2016-February 2017. House was brand new and awesome. Mike and Skylar did a great job making the time at Altus more enjoyable.  Very open to suggestions for the house and responded quickly to any needs. Crystal was great and very accommodating.  She kept the house nice and clean. Highly recommend going with The Bat Cave if you find yourself TDY at Altus.

The Bat Cave is the best place to stay during your Altus deployment. They know how to take care of you, and the accommodations are top notch. If there is ever a problem or anything needed fixing, it's done promptly and with satisfaction. Every appliance and fixture is top of the line. You have every TV channel at your fingertip. I will not stay anywhere but a Bat Cave.

Another TDY to Altus and I had no question as to where I wanted to crash. Contacted the guys from The Bat Cave about a month prior to my departure, and they had availability at the same house I was at last time. Showed up and it was like I had just come back home. Same beautiful house and furnishings, just two years later. You can tell these guys and the people who stay at their places take care of their stuff. Cleaning was done like clockwork, and had no issues with any of their amenities. One day it got super cold and we had a neighbor come over to tell us that a pipe had burst on the property and was dumping water into the street. Called up their in-town manager and she took care of everything. This is the place to stay!

Staying at The Bat Cave makes your stay in Altus comfortable and easy. Fully furnished and great amenities make it like staying at home but so much better. Crystal and her team do an amazing job of keep everything in top shape. I plan on staying again in the future.

I was in BC III (newest property) and wow! The house is awesome and very comfortable. Mike, Skylar, and Crystal go above and beyond to make your stay perfect. That hospitality made ALL the difference for me during my Altus vacation. I've seen some other crash pads around Altus and I'm very satisfied with my decision to stay at The Bat Cave. I met some great friends through The Bat Cave and look forward (crazy, right?) to my next trip to Altus because of these accommodations.

Thanks, guys!

As a crusty Captain jumping over to AMC, my biggest concern was my stay in Altus.  The thought of chilling in base billeting for 16 weeks solo dolo was depressing.  I was fortunate to discover The Bat Cave.  Mike and Skylar put me up in their newest house, BC III.  

I wasn't sure how the dynamic of a 30's something hanging with a bunch of PIQs would work out.  It turns out, awesome.  For the most part, it was a very chill experience with the occasional wild Scoots night.  It never got too loud or rowdy to affect the primary purpose of being here, training.

While I can't speak for the other Bat Caves, BC III was immaculate and Crystal came by every Wednesday to keep it that way.  The house was brand new so there was the occasional hiccup, but the Bat Bros handled any pop-up issue immediately and without question.

If I'm ever unfortunate enough to have to return to Altus, Mike and Skylar will be the first dudes I call!

Mike and Skylar seriously know how to put a quality place together to make sure your stay at Altus goes smoothly and is a good time. These guys bend over backwards to make sure your needs are tended to and truly care about your experience and training. But most of all, they are very good at selecting great people to stay with you and turn this TDY into a bro fest. Beer on tap, great cigars, and some bros to watch football, the olympics, game of thrones, and pregame for scoots with. Couldn't ask for better. Highly recommend and going back to them every time Altus beckons

I stayed in Bat Cave III, which is the newest property. Mike, Skylar, and Crystal were very easy to work with. I was in a hotel for the first month and having a house for the last three was a total game changer, especially one this nice. Would absolutely recommend, and I hope they have openings the next time I'm in Altus.

The Bat Cave has been nothing but an awesome experience.  The owners are pilots that understand the training environment and strive to make the crash pad the best part about Altus- and they do!  They are the most responsive landlords that I've ever had and they truly care about making your stay painless.  The amenities are all modern and well maintained.  It doesn't feel like you're just renting a room at all!  I'll definitely be back the next time I come through Altus...and the next...

This is my second time staying at The Bat Cave.  Once again, this crash pad is completely furnished with high quality furniture, artwork, and kitchen utilities.  It's my "home away from home" with my frequent visits to Altus. The owners respond to any of your concerns promptly, and are always open to feedback on additional ways to improve the pad.  You can't get any better crash pad than this....what are you waiting for?!  Stay with The Bat Cave, and you won't regret it.

You really can't say enough positive about Mike, Skylar, and Crystal.  These guys are hands down the best, most responsive, Crash Pad owners in Altus.  If you ever need anything for the house, Mike and Skylar are on it, and make you feel like you are right at home.

The amenities are second to none, and the huge living areas bring the house together and are perfect for getting groups together for studying or a casual post flight beer.  The stellar quality and care you get at The Bat Cave will bring you back time and time again, every time you come to Altus.  Thanks for letting me stay!

I've stayed at The Bat Caves twice now for PIQ and CPAD and both experiences have been incredible.  Not only do you have an awesome room to come home to that gets cleaned once a week by Crystal and her awesome crew, but you have a house full of friends to chill with.  For two weeks, my house would turn into a house full of bros watching the Olympics together yelling at the gigantic TV screen.  It was just awesome.  Mike and Skylar don't skimp on anything in their houses and, in turn, the house you stay in makes your TDY experience so much more bearable.

The Bat Cave has been nothing but an awesome experience.  The owners are pilots that understand the training environment and strive to make the crashpad the best part about Altus- and they do!  They are the most responsive landlords that I've ever had and they truly care about making your stay painless.  The amenities are all modern and well maintained. IT doesn't feel like you're just renting a room at all! I'll definitely be back the next time I come through Altus...and the next...